Everyone has questions, so we thought we’d try and answer some of the most common one’s here.

The Weekend

Both Strategy & Evolution are open to Scouts & Guides from anywhere in the UK.

Scout groups will need a campsite permit holder and Guide groups will need a licence holder in attendance. If you do not have the relevant qualification, please let us know and we will try to partner you up with another willing leader!
Please go to the download section for part completed camp permit forms (Guide ORA info) for you to use.


We are aiming to have 2,000 participants at Strategy and 1,000 at Evolution. On top of that there will also be leaders and helpers. However it all depends on how many people turn up!

It is essential that we keep the number of tents you bring to a minimum, otherwise we will not have enough space for activities. Six berth tents are better, and please don’t bring additional mess tents or similar shelters. Vehicles will not be allowed in camping areas even for unloading.

There are toilets on site, with basic hand-washing facilities. You will need to bring your own bowls for personal washing, for which we will provide the hot water. For safety reasons there will be no open fires, BBQs, stoves or gas lights.

We provide a location to get boiling water throughout the weekend.

Yes, unfortunately we can’t allocate camping spaces but let the team in Hi-Vis jackets know how many tents and they can make sure you have enough space.

Yes, we do charge per event shelter and these can be booked via your booking account.

The retreat is our adults only area that opens each evening.  It’s a space to unwind and  relax while chatting to other leaders and your young people enjoy the entertainment in the venue. The area does contain a bar that will serve a range of drinks. We will do ID checks on anyone lucky enough to look under 25 before they are served. No drinks may be brought into or removed from this area. Any under 18’s on camp will not be allowed into this area.

Unfortunately due to the terms of the site license no dogs (other than guide dogs) are allowed on site. this includes during drop off and pickup.


There will be a clear one way system and sufficient parking in a separate area to the camping area. To prevent congestion, please restrict the number of pick-up vehicles to a minimum at the end of the event. The organisers will not accept any responsibility for damage to vehicles.

Absolutely, if the entrance gate is closed when they arrive there is the site number for them to ring and we will send somebody down to open it. This is the same if you have a participant or leader who needs to leave site. Please make sure you let us know at the admin tent if somebody is arriving or leaving (you do not need to do this if they are leaving on Sunday)

The Main Event

Teams will consist of between four and six participants. The only exception to this is where you only have seven participants in which case they are all in one team.

To run the event effectively we need all leaders to help at a base on the Saturday.

If all leaders volunteer to help there should be surplus on each base allowing you to both help, and have time off to explore the Play Area and even meet your groups for lunch!

Part of the challenge of the hike is the excitement and experience of navigating around to find the bases. The ‘Play area’ used is 3,000 acres of private land; which is very open, making it easy for groups to navigate unsupervised. We’ll have teams in vehicles to support walkers too.

Obviously, if a young person has specific needs or requires assistance then it is completely satisfactory to have a leader join them!


There’s nothing unusual, but the list can be found in the participant handbooks. These are released in around May each year.

Health Forms

Yes, please make sure the dietary requirement is on their health form and the health form is filled out before the deadline. This is normally at the start of June.

Of course, we strive to be an inclusive event and welcome everybody regardless of their needs and/or abilities. If there is anything particular, you’d like to talk to us about email admin@s-e.org.uk and we can support you.


Simple! Head over to the booking page. You will have to register an account first, verify the account and then you will be able to book places.

If you want to attend both events you need to book for each separately.

You will receive an automated email from us once we have received your payment. We will mark cheques once we physically have your cheque. 

There is payment information at the bottom of your invoice. Cheques need to be made payable to “Strategy & Evolution” and sent to Strategy & Evolution, Cranham Scout Centre, Cranham, Gloucester, GL4 8HP.

A provisional booking is the initial booking you make when you create an account and show your interest in the event. At this point your places are not guaranteed and if the event sells out your booking will be cancelled.

This is when you have paid for your booking and we have received your payment. At this point you are booked on to the event and your places are confirmed, so if we sell out you can be confident in knowing your places are secure.

Yes, if it is a provisional booking, you can either delete the booking you’ve made and create a new one or email us at admin@s-e.org.uk with the numbers you would like to change to, and the booking reference and we can do it for you.

All you have to do is create a new booking. However, this is only possible until we are sold out.

Yes, places are available until we sell out of confirmed spaces. Places are not confirmed until full payment has been received.

Yes, if we have sold out of confirmed places and you still need a space, we do have a waiting list. However, we cannot guarantee that a place will become available.

Yes, if we are running a  waiting list. If there is anybody on the list, we can put the leader in contact with you. Please be aware that payment is sorted between the groups, once this is confirmed by both parties then we can transfer places.

Yes, we do require confirmation from both groups to be able to do this.

Strategy & Evolution are organised by Park District Scouts.

Strategy & Evolution
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