Evolution FAQ

Evolution Main Event

Evolution is a whole weekend activity camp for Cubs and Brownies that takes place in Cirencester Park. With 1,000 young people, non-stop fun, adventure and activity from Friday-Sunday, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

The Main Event is a challenge and adventure day that takes place in the ‘Play Area’, which covers 15 acres of Cirencester Park split into four Hubs all leading into the EvoZone which is home to one big activity. Closer to the event we’ll let you know what you will need to bring but every participant will need be ready to do some basic map reading, teamwork and to have fun!

Absolutely! While the ‘Play Area’ is a large area it’s split over four ‘horse rides’ (see google maps image below) which are wide open spaces in which young people can easily be seen. We also follow all adult-young person ratios so there will be plenty of Leaders around to support participants. Recognising the younger age groups we’ll also have more visual aids marking out the Play Area, out of bound areas and where young people can get help if they need it.

Yes. For the first year we will allow one leader or, preferably, young leader to accompany teams during the Main Event. But where leaders feel able to we would encourage them to allow young people to participate as independently as possible. Leaders or young leaders will not be able to help young people with activities except where there is an access need.

As you might expect there is limited shelter in the Play Area. In the extremely unlikely event that weather becomes too hot (or wet!) and poses a danger to participants and leaders, the event organisers will implement pre-agreed plans to bring all back to site.

Yes. All young people will be supplied with a packed lunch before the Main Event begins which they will carry with them. Leaders will also need to check they have a full water bottle. In the Play Area a water re-filling point will be available.

Well we hope fun! But many of the activities have been planned to incorporate elements of learning and over half have a direct link to badgework. We’ll supply a list at the end of the event of the activities your young people did and the badge criteria they satisfy. Of course for one lucky team there will also be the coveted Evolution Trophy to win!

On top of your responsibility for looking after your young people we also ask that Leaders and Young Leaders not supporting their sections Team help run bases during the Main Event and do one other small task on the Main Site (like helping serve dinner).

If you have more leaders/young leaders wishing to attend than are required by ratios they may wish to sign up as a Helper.

In advance of the events we run ‘Job Shop’ where you can let us know your preference for what sort of jobs you’d prefer (particularly if you hold relevant permits). We’ll do our best to match people to preferences, but this isn’t always possible.

Job Shop will open in April and all Leaders/Young Leaders will be allocated their two jobs by the end of May. This will give you time to make appropriate plans with your team and let us know of any issues.

We rely on Leaders to help run bases and this year we will award an additional 10 points to your team(s) if you complete your allocated base shift and you’ll be entered into a Leaders Draw to win a £15 Cotswold Outdoor Voucher for use with your group. Don’t worry though you won’t be made to attend all day as shifts are split between morning and afternoon.

Finance and Bookings

The cost for Evolution  includes:

  • All catering (Supper on Friday evening, all meals on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday)
  • All programme and activities (including the Main Event, Fayre and various evening entertainments)
  • Camping fees 
  • An event badge and certificate (For groups in Gloucestershire County this may be worn on the uniform for 12 months)

And Leaders also get access to the Leaders only area, ‘The Retreat’

Bookings are open now and events usually sell out. We can’t be certain when this will happen so we’d recommend booking early!

Since the outbreak of COVID19 Strategy & Evolution has carefully monitored the ongoing public health situation – cancelling events in 2020 and 2021. Based on current government guidance we believe the 2022 events will be able to go ahead as planned.

Strategy & Evolution has a safety team with a remit which includes infectious disease control. We also work closely with Scout and Guide Headquarters, the local authority and Public Health England.

As the events are some months away it is difficult to confirm what control measures, if any, are required at this stage. The situation will remain under review as the event approaches with appropriate action taken, or advice issued as necessary.

Should we be forced to cancel the entire event due to Coronavirus, refunds will be issued in line with our terms and conditions.

As S&E is a volunteer run and standalone event unfortunately we are unable to provide discounts. However, many districts and counties do have grant programmes to support young people taking part in activities such as S&E, so we’d encourage you to contact your local DC or CC to discuss.

Bookings are only provisional until full payment is made so we’d highly recommend paying as early as possible.

None that are mandatory. You can choose to pay for some of the following:

  • We charge £5 if you wish to bring a small gazebo or shelter for your camping area
  • We operate The Cafe where you may wish to purchase some snacks, sweets or drinks
  • We run The Shop where you can buy S&E branded items such as neckers.- due to the age of the participants at Evolution we strongly recommend that parents or leaders pre-purchase items for collection through the online shop which will open in March

Young People's Safety – General

While every group should come equipped to deal with their own minor injuries, we do have professional first aid cover on site. They’re great for getting a second opinion or for anything more complex.

To ensure the safety of young people you must comply with the ratios set by the Scout and Guide Associations.

  • For Cubs this is 1 adult to 8 Cub Scouts plus the Leader in charge.
  • For Brownies this is 1 adult to 6 young people, with at least three adults present, or two at the commissioner’s discretion. 

Getting Involved

Yes! We rely on Helpers to make the events work.

You can sign up to do a variety of tasks from Programme to Site Services, Media to Catering, Admin to Safety.

Bookings for Helpers will open soon but some of our teams need help in advance. If you’re interested in getting more involved do email info@s-e.org.uk