2022 FAQ

Everyone has questions about the changes in 2022, so we thought we’d try and answer some of the most common one’s here.

If you still have questions or can make some suggestions to  ensure we continue to deliver the best experience for young people please email info@s-e.org.uk.

Strategy is now for Scouts, Guides, Explorers and Rangers. Evolution is now for Cubs and Brownies.

As with all Scouting events we regularly review what we are doing against our aims and objectives. In the lead up to our 5th birthday last year we looked at what Scouting was offering young people locally and nationally, and how S&E fitted into that.

In particular we felt that there was a lack of Cub challenge event locally and nationally. The team felt that by combining the current ages ranges into one event – Strategy – and turning Evolution into a younger age range event we could offer bigger and better opportunities to even more young people.

The process to get to this point has been a deliberate and consultative one. The S&E Team started discussing the idea in May 2019. We had a lot of internal debate, throwing ideas around and trying to work out the pros and cons. As a team we agreed that we had to ask leaders and helpers before we decided anything – a survey was sent out a few months ago. The results clearly showed that people supported the changes as a good thing, creating a bigger and better future for Strategy & Evolution. The results also highlighted some concerns that people had for us to work on.

No. S&E is a not for profit event, with any funds generated reinvested back into the event. Financially we don’t believe there will be much change with the new format as running the event for younger people will incur extra cost.

We strongly considered this but there are 3 reasons we couldn’t make it work.

  1. Given timings of when our marquees go up and down, we would need to seek planning permission due to the duration of time they would need to be up.
  2. Most members of the team are already on site for 16 days,  and to be honest we are usually broken by the end of it. Experience has taught us that to try and run a 3rd weekend would endanger the health and well being of the team.
  3. Most of the team already take 10 days annual leave to make the events happen, this is a significant chunk of an individuals entitlement, we can’t ask our team to take even more every year!

We are looking at having challenges on the main event that are specifically for the older age group and creating an area for them to use in the evening to allow them to socialise with their friends. We’re also looking at how we lay out the camping fields and welcome any other suggestions that you may have.

We will be looking for some young people to join the team to help shape Strategy.

We are still working out the exact details and are in active discussions with Cub and Brownie leaders. This will be loosely based on the Strategy format but on a smaller scale, giving members of these younger sections the opportunity to take part in a challenge camp.

We’re always looking for new people to help on the team – please contact us.